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Game Type:  Matching
Age:  Teens, Adults
Players:  4
Deck: Three 52 card deck including Jokers  

This is the same game as Samba with the following changes.

Wild Cards
Three or more wild cards may be melded. There is no distinction between deuces and jokers. A canasta of seven wild cards, called a "bolivia," counts 2,500. When the discard pile is topped by a wild card, it may not be taken.

Game is 15,000. The initial meld requirement stays at 150 from 7,000 points up.

Going Out
At least one of the two canastas must be a sequence canasta, which in this game is called an "escalera" rather than a samba.

Black Threes
A black three left in the hand when any other player (including a partner) goes out counts minus 100 points. Black threes melded in going out count 5 points each.