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Brazilian Canasta

Game Type:  Matching
Age:  Teens, Adults
Players:  4
Deck: Three 52 card deck including Jokers  

This is the same as Bolivia but with some changes in the initial-meld requirements and scoring as follows:

Initial Meld
Game is 10,000. From 7,000 to 7,995 the initial meld must be a canasta (mixed or better); from 8,000 to 8,995 the canasta must be worth at least 200 points; from 9,000 to game it must be a natural canasta or better.

Discard Pile
The discard pile may not be taken for the initial meld.

A wild-card canasta counts 2,000. A melded sequence of less than five cards costs a side 1,000 points when the hand ends. In going out, one may add to the ends of an escalera (sequence canasta).

Red Threes
One to four red threes count 100 points each, five count 1,000 in all, six count 1,200 in all. They count plus if a side has melded at least one canasta, minus if it has not.

Going Out
Before going out, a player must always ask permission of his partner. Going out is permitted if his side has melded any two canastas.