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Celebes Rhum

Game Type: Matching
Age: Teens, Adults
Players: 2
Deck: Standard, Jumbo index, 54 cards play

In this Straight Gin version played in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, 54 cards are needed: the standard pack plus two jokers, which are wild. Two people play, each is dealt 13 cards, and the next card is turned up as the upcard.
The procedure is the same as for Gin Rummy, with the following exceptions:

1) Only the dealer's opponent, whose turn comes first, may take the first upcard.

2) There is no knocking. To win, the player must meld his hand. The most common set of groupings is a sequence of four cards and three other melds of either matched sets or sequences. A joker can be played as any card but only in one of the three-card melds; it may not be used in the four-card meld, which must be a natural sequence of the same suit. Instead of melding in a 4-3-3-3 pattern, two other arrangements are possible: 5-5-3 and 5-4-4. If either of the latter two is chosen, a natural sequence meld of four or five cards is needed; the remaining two melds are comprised of either kind of meld, and one or both may contain a joker.

3) The joker may be used for a matched set of five-of-a-kind, since a suit need not be specified when a matched set is made.