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Double Solitaire

Game Type: Solitaire
Age: All
Players: 2
Deck: Standard Index or Jumbo Index 52 card deck

In this variation, two people can participate. The players sit across from each other, and each has his own pack of cards. The two packs must be of different colors or designs. All foundations may be played on by both players, but players cannot play to each other's tableaus. The first player is determined by the low card on the one-card piles; if these cards are the same, the two-card piles decide, and so on. A player's turn ends when he puts a card face up on his talon and cannot play it; then, the opponent's turn begins. A player's turn also ends if he makes another play when able to start a foundation pile with an ace, provided the opponent notices the error and stops him. The winner is the player who has played the most cards to the foundations at the time the game becomes blocked. If one player gets all 52 cards upstairs, he "goes out," and immediately wins.