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Honeymoon Bridge

Number of Players:
Two people can play.

The Pack:
The standard 52-card pack is used.

Rank of Cards and Suits:
As in Contract Bridge.

The Shuffle, Cut and Deal:
Each player draws a card, and the player with the higher card deals first. Each player may shuffle, the dealer last, and the dealer's opponent must cut. The dealer gives each player 13 cards, one at a time, and places the remaining cards face down in the center of the table to form the stock.

The Play:
The "receiver" (non-dealer) leads first. The opponent must follow suit, if possible. Play is at notrump, as in Contract Bridge. After each trick, each player draws a card from the stock, the winner of the previous trick drawing first and then leading to the next trick. Tricks won during this period have no scoring value.

Bidding and Final Play:
When the last card of the stock has been drawn, the dealer may bid or pass. Bidding then proceeds as in Contract Bridge until a bid, double or redouble is followed by a pass. The player who does not make the final bid leads first, and thirteen tricks are played with or without a trump suit as determined by the final contract.

Contract Bridge scoring is used, although the game can be played with Auction Bridge scoring.