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Pennies from Heaven

Game Type:
Age: Teens, Adults
Players: 6
Deck: Four Standard, Jumbo index 52 card decks plus Jokers

This Canasta version is for six players, playing in three partnerships. Lots of cards are used - even more than for Samba: four decks plus eight jokers (a total of 216 cards). One of the special features of Pennies from Heaven is that sevens play an unusual role.

The Deal. Partners sit A, B, C, A, B, C around the table. Players are dealt 13 cards one at a time, and then are dealt a packet of 11 cards face down. After completing the first canasta, a player takes the 11 cards into his hand.

The Play. Two cards are drawn from the stock and one card is discarded. Sevens may not be discarded until each side has completed a mixed or natural canasta of sevens. A seven may not be discarded in going out, and a canasta must not contain more than seven cards.

If all eight red threes are held by a side, that partnership receives a 1,000-point bonus. Otherwise, red threes score 100 points each. Red threes are subtracted from the score of a side that has not made a canasta of sevens.

Wild cards may be melded together. Other restrictions on wild cards follow the basic Canasta rules.

Going Out. Game is played to 20,000 points. To go out, a side must have a set of four canastas, but the four must be made up of one of each of the following: natural, mixed, seven, and wild.

Minimum Count. There are differences in minimum count as well as bonus values.
Accumulated Score (at beginning of the deal)  

Minimum Count

0 to 495

500 to 995

1,000 to 1,495

1,500 or more


Canasta Points
Bonus Values
Wild Cards