The International Playing Card Company, Ltd. guarantees the quality of all of its playing card brands. If a manufacturing defect is found in a deck of our Bicycle (R), Bee (R), Aviator (R), Hoyle (R), Maverick (R), Kem (R), Streamline (R), Tally-Ho (R), Squeezers (R), or Congress (R) playing cards that makes it unusable for normal game play, and it is returned before it has been extensively used, we will be glad to replace it. Please include a brief note indicating which kind of deck the defective card(s) came from. Return the Ace of Spades, if present, and the defective card(s) to the below address based on Canada or US returns.

Guarantee for Puzzles:
Send ten pieces of the puzzle, and the side panel of the puzzle box which includes the UPC codes, and the picture of the puzzle.

Also include a brief explanation of why you are dissatisfied with the puzzle. We will provide you with a comparable puzzle in return. Please send this information to the address below.


For Canada Returns:
International Playing Card Company Ltd.
845 Intermodal Drive
Brampton, ON
L6T 0C6
Canada Phone: 1-800-265-5674
For US Returns:
The United States Playing Card Company
300 Gap Way
Erlanger, KY 41018
US Phone: 1-800-863-1333
US Email:


You can also email questions here




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